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Virtual Media Hub is an OTT and VOD content management and distribution platform.  

Deliver an engaging and impactful experience to your fans, taking advantage of the full range of tools supporting your evolution into a Media Company. 


  • Multi-format media library
  • Live streaming and multi-camera support
  • Live Chat for webinars, masterclass and virtual press conferences


These are just some of the features that Virtual Media Hub provides to enhance clubs’ and organizations’ OTT media offer.

An impactful media experience

OTT content on demand distribution

Virtual Media Hub - OTT library

Set up your OTT content distribution platform:

  • Build your content library
  • Distribute your content with an omnichannel approach
  • Define user access levels and manage subscriptions
  • Deliver free and premium content

Webinar – Masterclasses – Interactive events

Virtual Media Hub - Webinar

Stream your webinar with speakers connected from anywhere in the world.
Virtual media hub’s multi-camera management allows you to host multi-speaker virtual events, ensuring a fluent and engaging interaction for all attendees.

  • Multi-camera streaming support
  • Private room features
  • Live Chat moderation
  • Accreditation and access management
  • Multimedia archive for documents and recordings

Live streaming events

Virtual Media Hub - Live Cam

Broadcast your event, granting fans and journalists fully interactive virtual press conferences, meet&greet events and mixed zone interviews.

  • Multi-camera streaming support
  • Events calendar with additional media and bookings integration
  • Accreditation management

Content management impacts any industry

Sport Industry

Virtual Media Hub Sport Industry

Virtual Media Hub as a Media House Platform gives you what you need to showcase your heritage contents or innovative formats.

Retail and B2C

Virtual Media Hub Retail

Increase customer loyalty through product presentations and exclusive pre-sales events. Engage your audience broadcasting branded content in which the product is the star.

Finance & Insurance

Virtual Media Hub Finance

Media production initiatives, such as branded live shows, edutainment content series and training sessions enhance customer loyalty and give a boost to your employer branding.

Corporate Events

Virtual Media Hub - User Engagement

Virtual Media Hub is the public or corporate interactive events, training activities and press conferences solution, in one platform.

You have a lot to tell your audience


Virtual Media Hub – content based revenue model

User monetization

Virtual Media Hub - UserMonetization

A targeted content offer strengthens the relationship with users. This relationship generates value through subscriptions and pay-per-view access to content.

Partner monetization

Virtual Media Hub - Partner Monetization

Advertising, branded areas and fan engagement tools guarantee a unique visibility to Partners and Sponsors.

A tool set to generate value

Virtual Media Hub - Pay Per View


Virtual Media Hub Survey


Virtual Media Hub - membership


Virtual Media Hub Dashboard

Data Analysis

VIrtual Media Hub - Advertising Space

Spazi per advertising

Virtual Media Hub member get member

Lead generation

Virtual Media Hub Sponsor Area

Branded Area

Virtual Media Hub Donazioni

Donation & Charity

Your content is the key to generate new value


Virtual Media Hub 3 key factors

Your OTT platform must adapt to the content that brands and companies have to offer. At the same time it gives you full control over the distribution and data collection.

For this reason, Virtual Media Hub has 3 distinctive features that transform branded content into valuable assets.


Virtual Media Hub - Catalogo

Virtual Media Hub has a modular structure for you to customize, in order to shape the media experience you want to give while having the perfect tool set to achieve you goals.

New Business Oportunities

Virtual Media Hub - New Business

Generate new business opportunities activating revenue streams from users, and providing your stakeholders with a new digital exposure.

Data Monetization

Virtual Media Hub Analytics

The analysis of data generated by users helps define audience segments and clusters as targets for dedicated marketing campaigns

A platform for your media experience


Virtual Media Hub Role Manager

Thanks to On Demand content management and Live Streaming support, Fan Engagement and users’ data collection, Virtual Media Hub allows you to shape your desired media experience.

User Monetization

Virtual Media Hub - UserMonetization

By implementing engaging content, the users’ loyalty allows you to activate membership plans, pay-per-view access while providing ticketing and accreditation services.

Partner Monetization

Virtual Media Hub - Partner Monetization

Data collection and analysis will allow you to provide a clear overview of your audience profiles to Partners, Sponsors and other stakeholders, in order for them to maximize their exposure to targeted audiences.


Virtual Media Hub - Pricing

Virtual Media Hub customization options and modularity allow you to build a platform tailored to your desired investment.

Let’s build your new OTT platform together


Successful stories

Virtual Media Hub - Cortina 2021

Cortina 2021 – Virtual Press Room

Virtual Media Hub was the official media platform of 2021 Alpine Ski World Championships.

Journalists and stakeholders could attend all the media activities (press conferences, post-race interviews) of the first closed-door World Cup in the history of Alpine skiing.  They had access to exclusive videos and photographic documents as wella as to real-time-news published by the organization.

Thanks to the platform, the organizing committee was able to publish agency launches in real time, reaching journalists and media partners without intermediaries.

Virtual Media Hub - Masterclass Massari

Iginio and Debora Massari – Intesa San Paolo Masterclass

Virtual Media Hub was the platform chosen by Intesa San Paolov to stream events and initiatives dedicated to the workforce.

As an internal reward, an interactive live streaming Masterclass was hosted by Iginio and Debora Massari.

During the course the attendees were able to speak directly with the chefs, interacting through the live chat.

Virtual Media Hub - Concerto Natale

Virtual Christmas Concert – Be group – Shaping the Future

Virtual Media Hub was the platform chosen by Be – Shaping The Future group to create a unique event for Christmas evening.

The company exclusively offered to the group’s employees a streaming concert , which was then made available as on-demand content to subscribers to the platform.

Virtual Media Hub - Volley Nations League

Volleyball Nations League – Virtual Mixed Zone

Virtual Media Hub was the official platform to create the Mixed Zone of Volleyball Nations League interviews.

VNL was able to offer its media partners and journalists the opportunity to participate in virtual press conferences, interview the athletes and access exclusive multimedia contents, produced during the competition.

Virtual Media Hub - Osservatorio Italiano E-Sports

Italian E-Sports Observatory – Interactive Webinar

Virtual Media Hub was the official platform of Italian E-Sports Observatory event about legislative and regulatory developments in the sector.

OIES opened its forum to participants from all over Italy in an interactive virtual event, in which the speakers presented their panels and answered to attendees’ questions in virtual Q&A sessions, via live chat.

Each company has a story to tell.

Each brand has content to promote.

Each club has a fanbase to engage.

Today can be your first day as a Media Company


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Virtual Media Hub
Your content, your value

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