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// Promote interaction between employees and between company and employees by improving the involvement and use of content


Eurovita S.p.A. is an insurance company specializing in the life sector that carries out its activities through 11 thousand financial advisors, 2,500 bank branches and 150 agents with assets under management of 17 billion euros.


IQUII - Eurovita


Eurovita has chosen IQUII for the redesign and the development of its intranet with the aim of promoting its use and improving the experience of employees on the platform, the company’s main internal communication channel.


Eurovita’s intranet presented a user-less structure and the correct use of the contents, with an information architecture linked to old logics typical of traditional websites, therefore not designed in a “user-centric” perspective.

The approach followed for the reorganization of the logics and contents was based on a continuous comparison made of meetings that allowed to identify the real needs and define in a precise way the final objectives.

To give evidence of current use and listen to the suggestions of those who use the intranet every day, a survey was also administered, with the aim of gathering information and useful ideas for the redesign phase.

The third aspect evaluated to define user preferences on the platform was data analytics, which showed which main sections used and the critical points in the navigation flow.

IQUII - Eurovita


From the Design Thinking sessions new needs and areas of focus emerged on which to design and build the new Eurovita intranet.

Regarding the content architecture and the user experience, the work was focused on:

  • Organize content in a simpler and more intuitive way;
  • Simplify document search;
  • Review the labels and the naming of sections and documents.

While at the level of contribution methods and employee involvement, it emerged as:

  • The first ambassadors are the employees, and it is important to actively involve people in the preparation of the contents;
  • Use storytelling elements as a narrative approach and information methods of what happens in the company.


Step 1

Design Thinking Sessions

The Design Thinking sessions involved various work teams with brainstorming useful to bring out the advantages and disadvantages of the intranet.

Step 2

Content Ecosystem

The contents reorganization allowed the identification of the sections with the highest utilization/utility.

Step 3

User-Centered Approach

The design focused on an approach centered on the real needs of the user.

Step 4

Complete Redesign & Development

The redesign consists in a complete review of the intranet thanks to UX and UI, both improved and functional to the set objectives. For what concerns the development, WordPress was used as CMS, to guarantee flexibility, speed when updating and use of widgets/modules that can be activated according to needs.

IQUII - Eurovita


With the development of the new intranet Eurovita has taken an important step forward in managing the relationship with employees, providing them with a key responsive touchpoint where immediately find information and content on:

  • Business collaboration tools
  • The Eurovita Group
  • Company regulations where there are policies, organization charts, service orders, etc.
  • The union bulletin board
  • Courses
  • News, contacts, press review, photos, events
  • Welfare
  • The conventions


We have moved from a hierarchical structure of contents to a more transversal and collaborative one, leading by an ecosystem perspective. This immediately allowed Eurovita to improve the relationship with its employees, receive more feedback, organize targeted communications and convey updates in a timely manner.


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