We combine technology and communication, design and user experience, data analysis and strategy, innovation and continuous research. We are experience and we push ourselves forward ever closer to the future.

Fabio Lalli

CEO & Founder

For over 15 years I have provided ICT, aerospace, and banking consultancy. I have designed enterprise network 2.0 platforms, mobile applications and social gaming systems.

I have served as manager of information systems in various consulting and system integration companies.

I managed an accelerator and I am mentor and advisor to several startups. Professor at the University of Perugia in Human-Computer Interaction and I teach at several masters at ilSole24Ore on Digital Strategy, Sport and Retail Management.

Life is a continuous pivoting

Mirko Lalli

Managing Director
& Founder

For over 15 years, I have been doing business in the IT and Digital Industry. I have held the role of Project Manager in important companies of the ICT and Information Technology field.

In 2001 I created AditusNet.it, an active company in marketing and consulting always related to the Information Technology sector. Over the course of my 10 years of activity, I has experienced a remarkable and steady growth in the reference market with excellent financial results. From this experience IQUII is born, the Digital Consulting Company founded in 2011 and entered in the Multinational group Be in 2016 with the aim of consolidating in the national market and developing in international markets.

It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change.

30+ Unique Forward Thinkers

Our Marketers & Digital Strategist

We develop multi-channel strategies and integrated communication plans, we monitor and optimize performances to enhance the brand’s value, build strong relationships and find new clients, in both B2B and B2C sectors.

Simone Cinelli
Head of Marketing and Communication
Alessia Vitale
Social Media Manager
Nicolò Romano
Digital Strategist
Andrea Cossalter
Digital Strategist
Domenico Santoro
Digital Strategist
Antonio Mariani
Social Media Manager Jr
Fabiola Rossi Espagnet
Digital Strategist
Federica Imbriani
Digital Strategist
Laura Spadoni
Brand Manager
Alice Cartasegna
Digital Strategist Jr

Our UI/UX Designers & Creatives

We design customized experiences combining design, strategy and development to put the user at the heart of the innovation process. Every interaction is studied and created to enhance a design always human-centered.

Marco Lorio
Head Of Design
Gabriele Mamoli
UX/UI Designer
Valeria Casaburo
Alessandro Colizzi
Designer Jr
Erika Battaglia
Designer Jr
Silvia Colantoni
Gianluca Polcaro
UX Designer

Our Developers

We develop and design integrated tech solutions, we create user-centered digital environments, tightly integrating advanced features with sophisticated interface designs.

Cristiano Severini
Head of Development
Lorenzo Sfienti
Frontend Developer
Federico Meloni
iOS Developer
Simone Corsi
Full Stack Developer
Luca Tranfaglia
Full Stack Developer
Dario Trisciuoglio
iOS Developer
Nicholas Portaro
Android Developer Jr
Antonino Cacace
Android Developer
Michele Mari
Frontend Developer
Andrea Campana
Full Stack Developer
Luca Meghnagi
iOS Developer

Our Project & Product Managers

We design and develop B2C and B2B platforms and services, according to clients, environments and results in order to generate value creating innovative projects and constantly measuring performance and growth.

Luca Cepollaro
Andrea Natale
Davide Iandiorio
Simone Rossi
Business Manager
Antonella Cocca
Account Manager
Massimiliano Fusaro
Network Engineer
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This is our IQUIICulture

IQUII S.r.l.Part of Be Group

Registered office: Viale dell'Esperanto 71 – 00144 Roma

VAT registration number 11289201003 - Cap.Soc. 10.000 €

Reg. Imprese di Roma REA n.1293642

Email: info@iquii.com

Tel. +39 06 72.15.125

Office Rome
Via Vincenzo Lamaro 13/15 Ed.U 00173

Office Milan
Piazza Affari 3 (Primo Piano), 20123

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