Lega Nazionale Professionisti B

Web and Mobile Redesign




The Lega Nazionale Professionisti B (LNPB) brings together football clubs affiliated to F.I.G.C. and the participants to the Serie B ConTe.it Championship, the second series of the Italian professional soccer championship.

On the wave of innovation, evolution and dynamism values and with the desire to look forward, LNPB has asked us to completely renew its official website and its app, available to iOS and Android users. The objectives of the restyling project were to:

  • renew existing digital touchpoints by aligning them with the latest evolutions in terms of development, user experience and design while maintaining the values ​​of LNPB and its communication;
  • create an integrated web and mobile platform that can enhance the user/fan, stimulate engagement and discussion; implement a more targeted and profiled User Acquisition strategy, create new highly customized navigation streams and offer exclusive web and mobile content based on your preferences;
  • optimize the efficiency of their CRM system, where connect data and information to their fans and users to create more and more vertical communication strategies;
  • strengthen Brand Awareness.


In the first phase we focused on the study of existing platforms (web site and mobile app) and on the in-depth analysis of Italian and international best practices, from foreign leagues to the most important clubs.

We have adopted a data-driven approach focusing on optimizing ergonomics and usability, designing for the client a web and mobile architecture of information that offers:

  • to users a renewed experience, based on the strong personalization of fruition and interaction with the world of Serie B;
  • to the Lega Nazionale Professionisti B two integrated touchpoints that improve the acquisition, profiling and retention logics.


We started up again from the redesign of the content structure and of web and mobile information, on which we have applied a new and innovative design approach.
The basis for the creation and realization of the design has been to strengthen brand identity in order to express the values ​​of LNPB while at the same time meeting the needs of modernity and innovation, including providing a platform capable to improve the process of data acquisition and integration with their CRM.

To guide web and mobile design has been the adoption of a fan-centric model, focused on the needs of fans and enthusiasts with the goal of:

  • ensure clear and accurate access to information;
  • respond promptly to their curiosity;
  • give the opportunity to share their passion;
  • stimulate engagement and interaction on social networks with other fans.

The core activity of the project was the System Integration phase, through the development of a middleware and the creation of a unique user-centered platform that integrates multiple data providers and exposes real-time information (rankings, results, calendar, statistics) on the app and on the new website. Genius Sports, a world's leading provider of sports data, has been one of the key partners in System Integration activity.


The restyling work focused on designing a web platform where fans, football enthusiasts, clubs and stakeholders could find and quickly consult all available contents.
To meet the needs of users, increasingly focused on the need for immediate access to web and in mobility information, infrastructure scalability has been improved ensuring continuity, timing and high performance, has been implemented a faster and Intuitive navigation processes as well as a multi-server update release system.


The two iOS and Android applications have been completely rethought in a user-centric optics, providing to registered fans the chance of choosing their own team and personalizing news and information within the app.
The selection of a favorite team thanks to the "My Club" section offers the fans an immediate focus on their team, results, news and specific content.
From the onboarding stage to the interaction with their favorite team, we have designed the user experience to capture and profile users in a more capillary and profound way, reinforcing the engagement dynamics and the emotional component.


The site and app thus become an informative hub of vertical contents for fans and enthusiasts, but also for football teams and stakeholders, offering:

  • the results of the matches;
  • the match fixtures;
  • team tables and goal-scorer;
  • individual and aggregate statistics;
  • news, magazines, videos and photos of each of the 22 teams;
  • all official communications published by Lega B;

In addition, fans will:

  • follow the text live of all matches;
  • receive targeted Push Notifications with the most relevant information (from kick-off to goal of their favorite team);
  • choose to receive, through a custom push notifications system, all the updates from Lega B and geolocalized updates to have in-app dynamic and location-related contents.

The new web and mobile project can then count on:

  • a full-responsive web browsing experience;
  • two iOS and Android apps developed using the latest programming language innovations;
  • a ranking in the app stores and an App Store Optimization strategy designed to increase organic application performance;
  • faster and more intuitive navigation processes;
  • an immediate and functional access to strongly organized and integrated data for the creation of effective communication strategies.

Thanks to this collaboration and this first important goal, IQUII will be the Official Digital Provider of LNPB until 2020.


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