Massimo Caputi: the birth of the Digital Reporter

// Develop a stronger digital presence through a personal branding strategy to tell and convey journalist’s values, passion for his work and his private life


Since 1989 Massimo Caputi is a professional journalist, now current editor-in-chief of “Il Messaggero” sports editorial team. He began his career as a sports journalist for several Roman broadcasters, then in 1986 he moved to Telemontecarlo to specialise in sporting news by commenting on Serie A, Champions League, America’s Cup, European and World Cup matches played by the Italian national football team. In 2001 he moved to RAI where he presented several sports and non-sports broadcasts, such as Quelli che… il calcio”, “Domenica Sportiva”.

Massimo Caputi also worked for Radio 105, Radio Capital, RDS and RTL and served his voice for FIFA video games from 1998 to 2002 with his brotherly friend Giacomo Bulgarelli. He is a Football and tennis lover and he was also the Director of Communications for the “Internazionali di Tennis”. He founded DMTC S.r.l., a communication agency with a consolidated know-how in sport sector.


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Massimo Caputi has turned to IQUII enhance its digital strategy, enhance personal branding and to build the identity of Sport Mentor committed to social level, attentive to sports values and aimed at involving young people in new media.



To present an effective design of Massimo Caputi’s new digital identity, an in-depth study of his past and career was carried out, beginning at the time when the signatures and editorial offices were the elements to which the public was most attached, sharing style, sharpness and ideas.

A full year of collaboration between IQUII and Massimo has created a digital communication strategy based on three main points:

  • The use of a proprietary web platform to disintegrate and relate directly with its users;
  • the creation of exclusive content on the dynamics of sport – played and not – directed to the integration of news between the physical and the digital;
  • the structured narration of anecdotes lived by Massimo between the distant past of his career and the next one.

After a first phase of study and analysis of the AS-IS on the digital positioning of the journalist, was identified the communicative style of Massimo and a clear and recognizable visual identity and extended to all the touchpoints owned by the journalist. From the website to social media, Massimo’s brand is consistent and recognizable in design and tone of voice.

The content strategy, which has always had the focus of the website massimocaputi.it has been articulated using different social channels and web tools: page and group Facebook, Instagram with particular use of stories and IGTV, Twitter dedicated to the most immediate and direct conversations following the online events, Spotify with the podcast channel and playlists and a linear and constant care of the entire graphic asset in all content distribution channels.

The strategy adopted allowed Massimo to:

  • increase social awareness, updating and monitoring all touchpoints with an integrated strategy aimed at intercepting new fans to the world of sport;
  • increase fan engagement, identifying communication activities with activities strongly focused to stimulate the involvement and growth of the community;
  • strengthen digital reputation, communicating values and personalities, both professional and private;
  • define a distinctive storytelling style, highlighting the emotional component in sport, to make Massimo Caputi a benchmark in the industry.


“Storie Sportive” is the format structured ad hoc on Massimo that provides, with video episodes and audio content supported by an article, the story of sports anecdotes, bringing out all the emotions felt during the event, the match, the journey to conquer fans in search of valuable content. To support the story of his profession, to bring Massimo closer to the fans, a weekly content was dedicated to the sharing of private life, family, passions and friendships. Finally, the topic aimed at his profession: Sport Journalism. Massimo communicated with hot comments on the Serie A football championship, to consolidate his role as Sport Mentor and keep alive that of the professional journalist.

The publication of such contents and the constant care and updating of the editorial plan, has allowed to reach two important objectives during the first year of collaboration:

  • it has increased the social awareness of existing fans and the engagement of new fans of the sports world;
  • Massimo has strengthened its digital reputation, supporting requests for action in events related to digital sport and taking care of the increasing number of public and private interactions on its social channels.


After a year of transformation, Massimo becomes in effect the example of how a digital chronicler can work today with the new technologies available. To seal this, on May 5, the mobile app of #Cronistadigitale, available for iOS and Android = is published in order to transmit its skills and its experience to aspiring reporters of the future.

Designed to be enjoyed on the move, the #Cronistadigitale is an e-learning journey articulated on the basic notions of the traditional technique of the commentator and sports radio reporter, borrowing concepts and good practice through new digital media.

The topics that the user will find in the environment of the app will be used through audio content to address the topic, slide with
an in-depth study of the concepts and questionnaires of validation of the acquired notions, all free of charge and without subscription.

These are the declinations of the 10 modules:

  1. the importance of highlights;
  2. the interviews;
  3. telecronaca e radiocronaca;
  4. preparation for the event;
  5. radio commentary;
  6. digital tools for interviews;
  7. relationship between journalists, footballers and clubs;
  8. journalism of assault;
  9. fake news and fact checking;
  10. final quiz.

The 10 points represent for all reporters and aspiring reporters, a basis on which to build their own professional path, trying to combine the concepts structured and proposed by Massimo. Thanks to thirty years and more of experience in the field, Massimo Caputi proposes the basis of the profession and presents an e-learning tool that supports the moments of training, aimed at a first deepening of growth in sports journalism of the future. The fundamental skills for those who want to undertake this profession in the digital world, such as video/ audio editing and the use of a platform for the management of a blog and social media, complete the theoretical part on the basis of journalism, structured through different content distribution models.


The next step of the project in progress is between IQUII and the customer regarding the creation of the smart learning platform #Cronistadigitale, the mobile app that contains all the teachings of Massimo Caputi to radio/ newscasters of tomorrow.


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