The logo restyling as a starting point for the construction of a branding strategy

// Enclose the values of a ski/snow school in a visual element: the evolution of Math Academy


Born in the winter 2012-2013 in the evocative setting of Pescocostanzo (AQ), in Abruzzo, Math Academy is a school for teaching snowboarding, skiing and freestyle/freeride. The school’s value proposition is to teach sports, with professionalism and passion, amusing people of all ages.


IQUII // Math Academy
IQUII // Math Academy


Math Academy has chosen us for the restyling of the logo, the starting point for the construction of a branding strategy, with the aim of conveying values, innovative teaching methods and improving the perception of the public by increasing its awareness.

IQUII // Math Academy
IQUII // Math Academy


The restyling of the logo stems from the desire to want to differentiate themselves and be easily recognizable thanks to specific characteristics.

This requirement comes from the need to tell themselves in a new way and convey strong concepts at the base of their belief: Math Academy is a community that wants to communicate the sense of aggregation and belonging, with the aim of telling excellence in teaching snowboarding, skiing and freestyle.

IQUII // Math Academy
IQUII // Math Academy


In the design phase of the logo, we started from the analysis of the perceived and from the experience of those who live every day in the school. This allowed us to outline the concept and the keywords that express Math Academy at its best such as professionalism, resourcefulness, passion and union.

IQUII // Math Academy
IQUII // Math Academy

We started our analysis with the study of the logo, starting from the naming where “M.at.h.” is the acronym of “Made AT Home”. Afterwards, we have also taken as reference attributes and elements of context such as mountains, the snow and the school, to create awareness and establish strong associations right from the start.

IQUII // Math Academy
IQUII // Math Academy

The new logo contains the two identities of the academy: adventurous and, at the same time, educational. A perfect dichotomy where the upper part with the logo-font Math stuck in the mountains conveys the extreme character while the lower part is more institutional and reassuring.

IQUII // Math Academy
IQUII // Math Academy


Through the restyling of the logo, the first step of the broader brand enhancement project, we have strengthened the identity of Math Academy, which now carries the values and the mission of the School, expressing the passion and fun that enrich the experience and make the offer unique.

IQUII // Math Academy
IQUII // Math Academy

A desire for renewal, consistent with the evolution of the market and of the final consumer, to confer characteristics of innovation and quality and open communication to new market segments.

IQUII // Math Academy
IQUII // Math Academy


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