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Euro 2016


For the European Football Championships in 2016 we collaborated with RAI Radiotelevisione Italiana to create an advertising strategy and marketing performance with the aim of expanding the fan base on RaiSport social channels (Facebook and Twitter) and increasing "RAI - Euro 2016 " official app downloads for iOS and Android devices.

In addition, we set the goal of bringing traffic to the Rai.it/Euro2016 site to give greater visibility to Rai’s digital offers.


Our approach is focused on a careful study of the target and the official RAI accounts, and on the definition of an ADV strategy based on the specific timing of the duration of Euro 2016 Championship.

For each of the micro objectives defined with the client, we studied an ad hoc advertising campaign, in order to optimize performance and get the best ROI from the planned sponsorships.


In line with the definition of the target, two campaigns on Facebook and Twitter were launched based on the same type of content but with copy, timing and specific characteristics, differentiated on the basis of the peculiarities of the two social platforms.

The sponsorship of the Facebook and Twitter accounts was based on an acquisition campaign focused on the Euro 2016 event, while that of the app downloads focused on the benefits, features, and direct calls to action, as well as on content creation and creative specifications for both iOS and Android.

Finally, with the aim of bringing traffic to the site and to sponsor the digital offerings of the world of RAI, the campaign focused on the possibilities and the content offered by Rai to its users during Euro 2016.


The project concluded with the surpassing of all set targets. The social presence of RaiSport was greatly strengthened and the acquisition of followers on social channels was higher than initial expectations.

In three weeks the ADV campaign to expand RaiSport’s Facebook page Fan Base had an impact of 59% on the total increase of fans during the Championship, with an average acquisition cost of €0.14, reaching peaks of €0,06 per fan.

At the end of Euro 2016, the results of the ADV strategy on app downloads proved successful, involving a large number of Android and iOS users. The "Rai - Euro 2016" app exceeded 700 thousand downloads in three weeks, ranking 1st place in the overall rankings of the App Store and 1st place in the Sports category of the App Store and on Google Play. In the weeks during the event, the application was included among the Recommended Apps and Trends in the App Store.

The strategy achieved excellent results in terms of brand awareness: in 4 weeks, coverage and interactions of social posts as well as inbound traffic on the Rai.it/Euro2016 website showed very elevated numbers.


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