The practice of sport in Italy plays a very important role in improving the quality of life, and is positively associated both with the state of health and the values of social cohesion that contribute to personal fulfillment and the development of social relations.

In Italy today, 31,6% of the population say they practice one or more sports in their free time; running is the sport that has grown most in recent years, and smartphones are the technological tools most used in support of outdoor sports.

From this starting point the opportunity to make an application able to integrate sporting associations, event organizers and athletes into a single platform came about, with the aim of improving the sports experience, increase levels of participation and support the aggregation of data in support of everyone involved.


As part of this integrated project, RunRace is the first element that focuses on the possibility of providing the user, quickly and intuitively, with detailed information on races and events of interest both here in Italy and abroad.


The mobile application was developed with the objective of ensuring maximum usability by the user.

Particular attention was paid to the development of capabilities related to the geolocation of events and their categorization by type, with the ability for the user to structure a custom filter based on his favorite events.

The event tabs have been structured to allow the user to quickly access logistical information and contact the organizers in order to participate.


With RunRace sport enthusiasts can search, in real time, events related to walking, running, road racing from 10 kilometers, marathons, half marathons, trail running, fitwalking, relay races, track racing and many more.

It’s possible to search for events that are pinpointed near to the user, display the details and all the relevant information for each event (place, date, time, additional information), do a search for any specialties, and add events to your favorites.

Thanks to this app runners and athletes of all levels have all the events related to running at their fingertips, so as to best prepare for each challenge.


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