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With the Fair Play project, Samsung confirms its relationship with volleyball and, supported by the Women's Serie A Volleyball League and by FIPAV, has launched an initiative dedicated to all volleyball fans, in particular millennials, and amateur associations Italians from that area.

The Fair Play initiative is based on an innovative online platform in which users, once registered, can acquire points following targeted actions. The points accumulated are then donated to the Sports Associations registered to the FIPAV to allow them to win materials related to the world of professional volleyball.

Thanks to this project, some values ​​such as Fair Play ethics, respect for the adversary, passion for sport and team work have been highlighted, increasing the involvement of sports teams at every level.

Samsung's broader path in the field of sports also includes the Samsung Fair Play app, the work conceived and developed with the aim of promoting the brand through a marketing strategy linked to sporting events in the world of volleyball and realized thanks to the collaboration with Master Group Sport.


In the first phase of the project, we have interpreted the client's needs to be able to create a product aimed at promoting the brand and sharing the user experience at the matches even outside of the sports halls.

We have therefore developed an Android application, with a design in line with the Fair Play initiative, designed to be used by the hostesses present in the halls of every Serie A volleyball match with the aim of enhancing brand communication and the experience of participants before, during and after the championship matches.


The application installed on Samsung S8 used by the hostess was designed to capture an important moment of volleyball fans: the cheer.

Inside the sports halls, in fact, the hostess invite the fans to use the smartphone to take a picture and share it with their circle of friends.

Thanks to the app, users can:

  • take a selfie;

  • add personalized stickers based on your favorite team of the championship;

  • send the shot by email.

In addition, we have created a back office that allows to manage:

  • the stickers displayed directly in the app;

  • the extraction of data of the users who participated, divided by each game;

  • sending the photo to the user.


The app has allowed to support the marketing strategy of Samsung ensuring visibility to the brand in dedicated events and user involvement, increasing interactivity and the feeling with the new device (S8).

The implementation of the stickers in the app allowed to make fans' experience in the sports halls even more fun.

The creation of the app has helped to:

  • improve the interaction between the fan and the club, increasing the engagement;

  • integrate the user acquisition process, getting to know its users better by creating a profiled database;

  • give a useful tool for enhancing the monetization process.


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