Within IQUII’s offer, at the service of event organization, we have developed an ecosystem of products able to optimize processes, evolve the fan experience, offer business opportunities and simplify the management of stakeholder activities (artists, VIPs, staff, press&media, sponsors&partners).

Smooth and successful event management is key

Sports and entertainment as a global business have changed significantly in recent years and the challenges faced by all stakeholders have grown ever greater.

In this context, the event has taken a central role and, for successful event management, it is essential for the rights holder to secure excellent and fully integrated solutions to deliver a smooth and unparalleled experience for every participating stakeholder.

We help organizations achieve tangible financial returns by delivering excellent, fully integrated solutions across the entire stakeholder experience before, during and after the event.

Event Builder Platform

EventBuilder® CRM Platform is a platform that facilitates the effective organization of events, starting from the pre-registration of accredited guests, to guest management, through detailed event management. This also includes interacting with stakeholders and planning and preparing on-site services.

The goal is to minimize operational risks by controlling event execution through monitoring tools to manage access control for marketing and security purposes in the pre, during and post event.

Event Builder manages


1 – Operators

The operator management system allows an effective organization of the event, starting from the guest management phase, continuing with an accurate pre, during and post event management.

2 – Volunteers & Staff

Tools for recruiting, evaluating, verifying training, assigning to area of expertise, planning and tracking activities performed, and managing communication with team leader.

3 – Fan

Tracking system of the whole user-journey, from the moment in which fans become aware of the event to when they reach the stadium, passing through merchandising and with analysis of the content used.

The event Journey


1 – Ticketing

Accreditation and ticketing are managed in an integrated way, with supervision of the entire user journey until the exit from the event.
Let’s delve into the ticketing phase on Ticket XP


2 – Accreditation and VIP Management System

The online accreditation form allows participants (athletes, journalists, VIPs, employees, volunteers, etc.) to register for an event. Participant applicants can register on the website, submit an accreditation request and check the status of the request. Once the accreditation request is accepted, they can view event-specific information and verify and update their consent to data processing (GDPR).


3 – Volunteers Management System

We provide a specific integrated module for human resource management that allows you to profile a person’s skills and availability over time. This tool is available to the service manager to assess the most suitable resource to fill a given role.


4 – Accommodation & Booking

The platform provides an integrated accommodation management module. With this module, accommodation requests from application forms (joint or disjointed with accreditation forms) and/or other sources are processed.

ticket point

5 – People access control

The access control system (EBAC) allows the Organizer to promptly identify an extra person, vehicle or service and validate it. The validation is done by reading the barcode, Qrcode, RFID that are “on board” of the physical means of identification. The reading of the medium is done through the use of different types of devices such as: smartphones, high-capacity mobile terminals, turnstiles, barrier-free gates.


6 – Vehicle access control

    1. Parking plate number recognition
      The platform is integrated with dedicated parking management systems. The solution allows the management of vehicle access to reserved areas using the license plate recognition system, without the use of tickets or other means of identification.
      The access control to the reserved parking areas can be integrated through RFID smart card and/or BarCode contained in the accreditation badge.
    2. ZTL and license plate recognition
      The platform is integrated with systems that allow the management of vehicular access to restricted traffic zones using license plate recognition without the use of a ticket.

7 – Channel management

The system supports engagement and monetization strategies, with the goal of improving the content profiling and delivery process.

We also connect front-end systems (e.g. Web, mobile, TV) with business systems, ensuring coordination of processes, data and content.


8 – Fan Engagement

Strategy and execution of activities designed to deliver a complete online and offline fan experience before, during and after the event supported by Fanize, IQUII’s engagement and loyalty platform.

media hub

9 – Media Hub – Multimedia content production

A team composed of transversal skills and integrated with methodologies and processes that creates and conveys personalized content enhancing the brand and the event.


10 – In-arena tech solutions

Digital arena technology integrations within official channels, solutions managed through Sport XP.

Event Builder is the solution to manage the accreditation process and the entry and exit flows of the public and the organizing staff.

Integrated with the Experience Platform, it offers a 360° management of the event, creating a unique, accurate and personalized experience.

Discover the digital transformation of your event.

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