A quick and easy loyalty program tool for merchants

// A mobile POS that enables an added value services offer for merchants and clients


Axepta is part of BNL BNP PARIBAS, it is specialized in acquiring, operates in Italy. It manages trough a proprietary structure all the electronic transaction, via both physical and virtual POS.


axepta interface


Axepta, needed a strategic solution for the digital payment management, mobile ad proximity payments, in order to enable innovative cashless payments and loyalty program activations.

Axepta | IQUII


The design was structured to produce a solution to be deployed on Android SmartPOS terminals, Axepta’s HI-POS.

With this in mind, IQUII applied its know-how and experience to the user experience design and technology of two solutions that enable merchants of any industry to simplify their customers’ shopping experience, digitising it through more agile and streamlined mobile payments.

The design started from an analysis of the needs of different types of merchants, taking into account the requirements of those merchants who operate on the move. This gave rise to the Hi-POS DUO mobile POS, the solution that enables merchants to accept payments from their customers via smartphone.

The design of HI-POS mainly focused on:

  • a user experience with a frictionless interface that grants greater autonomy to merchants, providing them with a self-configurable tool that requires no intermediary;
  • the integration of more innovative forms of payment, offering customers a wide choice of payment methods, including payment via smartphone, QR-Code and e-wallet.

By accessing the application after configuration, the merchant thus has the option of enabling card payments directly via smartphone, but also of accepting payments via ClicPay or by generating a QR Code.

Axepta IQUII Smartpos

Thanks to this intervention, the Smart POS has been boosted and obtained more features, evolving from a payment mean to an added value services platform.
A unique touchpoint for all the services any merchant would want to provide.

marketplace has been put in place, allowing merchants to choose from a vast variety of app that expad the list of features the Smart POS has to offer.
This offers to the final customer a fully integrated experience, increasing fidelization and retention.

Merchants have a dashboard at their disposal, where to access to different kinds of reports.

Axepta, decided to integrate Fanize in their services, IQUII’s Loyalty and Engagment platform. Trough Fanize, merchants can engage their customers trough a Loyalty program featuring a mission/rewarding system.

These are some of the retention campaigns merchants can activate:

  • Events and new product launches in-store
  • Time offers
  • Bonus point upon the purchase of selected products
  • Customer profiling
  • member get member
  • prize games
  • Management of multimedia content
Axepta | IQUII


This project turned and ordinary POS in a service provider, an enterprise ecosystem that adds value to any merchant transaction and activates a specific loyalty program, tailored to each business needs.

The single management touchpoint is the real breaktrough, merchant need an easy interface in order to manage business and CRM related activities, while customer need a seamless way to pay and interact with their favourite brand/shop, while engage in loyalty activities.


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