A desk and room booking app to promote employee's return to the office

// managing people flow to grant safety, social distancing and smart working through the app which provides desk and room booking service


people flow management, social distancing, safety. These are the hot topics for all companies which have decided to open their offices during the phase two of Coronavirus emergency response plan.

To satisfy the need of market demand, we have designed a digital solution which helps people respecting social distancing enjoying the office life, as well as the company services catching the opportunity to leave their own home.


Learning by doing
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To face this new normal, IQUII developed and launched onto the market a platform that provides companies a simple way manage the flow of people inside the office in total safety.

This building & booking proprietary app as well as the web application offers people the opportunity to book a desk or a room inside their workspace remotely by checking the availability during the day they want to go to the office.

It has been developed to make the employee’s experience easier in a more agile and safe workplace, also promoting a self and responsible management of their tasks through the application of an hybrid model which includes both smart and office working.


The platform, which has been developed by IQUII, offers several features to the employees:

  • Knowing if there are desks available in the office;
  • Browsing map, distributions and zones;
  • Choosing and booking a desk or a room available;
  • Locking/unlocking desks with check-in/check-out scanning the QRCode.

The interior layout in the app provides people an comprehensive overview of the available office spaces and buildings. It also avoids assemblage when employees enter the office and search for their desk. Thanks to Check-in/check-out through QRCode, the company can monitor the office capacity every day and in real-time, by applying a effective management of people flow inside the headquarter.

Our platform also provides a back-office to track the entries in the same workspace granting safety in accordance with the new provisions for Covid-19 emergency. It also creates a long term opportunity to generate a work pattern entirely based on tasks and goals letting people book a desk and get all the office benefits whenever they want.



The application, which is customizable on the company’s brand identity provides a more effective management of spaces and buildings changing forever the work pattern in order to adopt an agile and smart culture leaving collaborators free to organize personal and working life.

IQUII, its holding and some clients have already adopted the new technology. We are working also to improve the platform with additional features to give more value to the user experience, not only with the booking service but also with several features related to social distancing, loyalty and plus that will improve the quality of working life in other way.


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