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The Cocoa and Chocolate Cluster was present at Expo Milano 2015 and covered an area of 5000 square meters dedicated to numerous initiatives involving great chocolate artists: music, art, culture, entertainment and education gave rise to special events. The goal of the Cocoa & Chocolate Cluster App Event was to support institutional communication and create an integrated event, making the most of the experience of the participants, while also providing the organizers with an optimized management tool and real-time analysis.


We carried out a detailed study of the needs of those participating in the Cocoa and Chocolate Cluster in order to understand what features of EventXP, our tool for the realization of event apps, to make available in order to help enhance the success of the Cluster, offering an event experience planned right down to the smallest details.


For the Cocoa & Chocolate Cluster app event it was deemed crucial to implement a News area with all the unmissable updates, in addition to program appointments, ordered in activities, Speaker and Countries, offering a precise picture of the energy within the Cluster. In the Places section, a list of Cluster locations is enhanced by simple maps and descriptions, so as to make the exploration of the halls stressfree and fun like a game. Push notifications sent by the organization's staff inform visitors quickly and accurately of any events about to start or anything unexpected that comes up, so as to constantly ensure a positive event experience. The Cluster community has its own space dedicated to the Stream, in which to share their experience and interact with all the protagonists of the event.


The Cocoa and Chocolate Cluster event experience was complete, it enhanced the scheduled events and the protagonists of the Cluster, from the six cocoa producing countries (Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Cuba, Gabon, São Tomé and Principe) to the Sponsors and Partners, having a positive influence on the growth of the event community. In addition to accessing information regarding the Cluster and Expo Milano 2015, people were encouraged to interact in the social flow within the app, generating new interesting relationships. The ability to share content on Facebook and Twitter reinforced the amplification of the product value of the vertical community of the event. One month after the inauguration of the Expo, surveys from Doxa-Mimesi place the Cocoa and Chocolate Cluster second in the ranking of the most mentioned Clusters in the media (Source: Il Sole 24 Ore).


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