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Doctors Without Borders is currently the largest independent humanitarian medical relief organization, with 19 locations including Italy.

To offer new donation opportunities, Doctors Without Borders has created the Solidarity Workshop, an innovative e-commerce site where you can buy trade products through donations in order to support the work of humanitarian workers engaged in over 360 projects in about 70 countries.

Our primary objective was identified in the implementation of the new platform, in the integration with existing CRM systems and in the improvements to the donation process and user experience, in order to increase conversion rates during check-out.


As this is a unique platform, we have devoted a very detailed benchmark analysis to identify the best technology, in relation to the needs and shared goals of the client.

This preliminary stage is the most delicate and requires a particularly complex study to choose the right platform able to meet demands, be scalable in time and be able to ensure at the same time a high level of customization and ease of integration with the systems existing legacy.

After numerous evaluations we chose to start with a traditional e-commerce site and to eventually implement targeted customizations, without modifying the core of the platform, with the aim of ensuring, in time, stability and developmental possibilities.

The constant dialogue with the client was crucial to optimize delivery processes. By following lean methodology practices, sprint and interaction cycles have come and gone precisely and quickly to release regular updates and changes according to the shared specifications.


For the Solidarity Workshop we used the Wordpress CMS framework with implementation of the WooCommerce plugin, so as to take advantage of the flexibility of the platform to meet the very vertical needs of the customer.

We have amended the most standard behavior of a traditional e-commerce site to offer the user a new type of involvement in supporting humanitarian causes: the user can choose a product from the Solidarity Workshop defining quantity and price, independent of each other in some cases.

In particular, the following activities were looked at: custom template design, plugin development related to donations, plugin development for products distributed by Doctors Without Borders, development of the integration of third party CRM systems and logistics for the management of the provision of materials, and order management for third-party vendors.


Solidarity Workshop is an innovative and original e-commerce site that meets the typical needs of non-profit organizations of social utility, by seamlessly integrating third-party CRM systems, while preserving the scalability of the platform.

All those wishing to support the Doctors Without Borders projects can buy, with a free donation, solidarity products of various types, while counting on the reliability of a secure e-commerce site with a quality UX.


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