With over 2600 apps available just a month after its launch, Apple TV is experiencing very rapid growth, both in terms of adoption of supply.

Games and Entertainment are the two categories to dominate the landscape of apps for Apple TV, confirming the trend that started in 2016 as an aggregator and focus point for home entertainment.

Instaquiz came about through the desire to create an app that would bring the fun of a real-time challenge with friends to the big screen and to be able to integrate the entertainment experience with mobile devices.


Research into the ways in which the entertainment experience could be innovated through the connection between users, Apple TV and smartphones, has allowed us to create a product focused on interactivity and user engagement.

Many questions on the most varied topics were available to players: from cinema to music, to sport and to cooking, moving on to categories dedicated to fans of specific topics, such as Star Wars.


From a hackathon event combining entertainment and design, a game was created based on the concepts of simplicity and competition that focuses on redefining the experience of playing through the use of Apple’s tvOS and a mobile device. The smartphone becomes an interconnector with Apple TV. The support app, created for both iOS and Android, turns your phone into a push-button panel.


Players can choose the category in which to play and challenge friends and family, check the results and number of correct and wrong answers after the game and see the global and local rankings. For each question four possible answers are shown, but only one is correct. The smartphone becomes a simple and intuitive control panel with which to compete in speed shots for first place in the standings.


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