Yesplace is a social network of places that offers users the ability to interact within a specific geographic context, from more or less popular places to freely created micro-places, through personal content. The Yesplace app is able to create an integrated dimension in which storytelling and social discovery come together to give life to a new experience of the places, therefore enhancing their value.


We took on the development of the app, while maintaining continuous contact with the Yesplace team, who conceived and designed the app and carried out the coordination: for each part that we progressively developed, we sent them a build to test in order to implement any changes. Our approach is oriented to the implementation of a code and scalable architecture to facilitate rapid growth not only in traffic-related numbers and users, but also of the actual features, with the aim of gradually achieving the high potential of Yesplace.


We focused on a series of systematic and converging activities: we developed a mobile Yesplace platform for iOS and Android in native language, while also taking care of the API infrastructure, the administrative back-end and the analytical dashboard. We have perfected the app flow and interaction with dedicated analysis, working closely with ItaliaOnLine product managers with the aim of optimizing the user experience and making it more simple and as intuitive as possible.


Yesplace immediately established itself as an original and innovative platform due to its architecture and vision. After several months of work, which led to the refinement of management processes and the same collaboration between IQUII and ItaliaOnLine, the Yesplace Project is now ready for the forthcoming technical and functional evolutions. The sophisticated use of geolocation, the social discovery mechanism and the widespread push notifications system are features that make the Yesplace app so interesting, not only for younger user groups, but also the more adult, who can experience leisure, travel, vacation and even work in new ways.


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