#PurosangueRUN / FlashRome


Purosangue is a non profit organization that was founded in 2012 through an encounter between two strong personalities particularly tied to running, to clean sport and to solidarity. Take a Kenyan, Nico, the most beautiful marathon in the world, Rome, a runner, Max and the Olympic dream of winning clean, mix well and serve. Purosangue realized a training camp in Africa to train children on the culture of healthy sport against doping. The Purosangue project includes the creation of a hotel to promote local tourism and a school to educate boys, while respecting the environment with eco- friendly materials, but the main aim is to create a team of champions promoting the positive values of sport. Purosangue is this and much more: free healthcare for the local population, the possibility for the disabled to practice sport.

In this context, the #PurosangueRUN / FlashRome event, which was held in Rome on the 9th of July 2015, involved many runners who have pledged their support to the Purosangue project values: the fight against doping and active solidarity that is advancing Africa. The digital communication activities were geared towards promoting the non profit event and optimization of the results achieved in terms of performance. Our objectives were: bring visibility to the event, increase participation, profile and improve involvement, and capitalize on the contacts so as to structure a CRM to increase the effectiveness of communication.


As a technical partner of Purosangue Athletics Club and communication and digital supplier, we have structured various phases to distinguish the areas of convergent activities in the promotion of the event and follow-up actions. From initial setup, made up of the definition of the publishing schedule and operations in the two crucial areas of Community Management and Digital PR, up to Social Media Coverage and Follow-up, we paid specific attention to the measurement of each step in order to proceed with an analytical method, while at the same time allowing ample room for creativity.

We immediately focused on three elements: the Purosangue brand – emotionally high impact within the brand community, the social aspect that unites concrete support for African children to the positive anti-doping message, and the recreational bond of running. We worked on the synergy of these three elements to create a mechanism of progressive involvement and word of mouth.


We defined a publishing schedule that fully exploited the few days we had available. We organized a flow of information which, starting from the main site, the institutional channels and the social channels, could better exploit the basic elements of our strategy and bring people to the #PurosangueRUN event on Eventbrite.

We were then ready to activate word of mouth and spread the event on the social media channels Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, working in parallel with the creation of a database for profiling participants. On the official Purosangue social media profiles we performed event launch activities with hashtag monitoring and publication of teasers. We then supported event communication through live coverage (photos, video), community management, Digital PR activities on targeted users and finally, through the publication of follow-up content.

At a deeper level, the management of social channels and communication, having the project objective of the capitalization of contacts and the powering of a CRM, was organized so as to guide users to a well-modulated flow: amplification; increased attention (and awareness); activation; follow up. This has ensured a high conversion of the work carried out, evolving the fan base that participated in the user base and giving the customer the right performance indicators and ROI.


We exceeded the target related to the number of subscribers by more than 100%. But more than this, of the 300 expected participants before the communication project, more than 1000 turned up. So we had to stop the communication three days before the set date to avoid critical organizational issues.

During the promotional period of #PurosangueRUN, there was an increase in the number of organic Facebook fans of more than 366% compared to the period of January to June 2015. During the live coverage of the event, 4 video clips were created and posted on Facebook, with performances on average 75% higher than others published in the previous weeks. During the management of the Twitter account, positive growth for followers of more than 188% was recorded, compared to the previous period.

We have successfully achieved the primary goal of turning a well activated fan base into useful data for CRM and for future campaigns.


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