Il Tempo delle Donne


ll Tempo delle Donne (The Time of Women) is a show that animated the spaces of the Milan Triennale from the 1st to the 4th of October 2015, with a program of events dedicated to the complexity of the contemporary female universe.

Designed by Corriere della Sera and La 27Ora in collaboration with Io Donna, Corriere Foundation, D- Value and produced by the RCS Group’s NuMix Agency, the event was launched with an APP that supported communication, enhancing the experience of participants and giving the organizers a tool for optimized management of the four non-stop days of the Milan Triennale.


The experience gained by participants and organizers from the 2014 edition was analyzed in every detail in order to identify what features of EventXP, our event app tool, were more useful to provide a complete and curated experience in every aspect throughout the course of the show.


The particular location of the event, its duration and the target of the participants were identified as the main assets with which to develop the application framework.

The appointment schedule viewable on the app is designed and set up so that users can check the details of each session, with the location and schedule updated in real-time.

Particular importance was given to the possibility of offering users the ability to save their events in their favorites, grouping them together in a special section.

On the organizer side, the option to send push notifications to users was enabled, informing them quickly of the schedule of events about to begin or of any unexpected changes, so as to ensure a positive and interactive experience in every aspect.

Implementation of the survey section made it possible to obtain specific information about the sessions that the user participated in, determining the general level of satisfaction and activation with respect to the presence of sponsors and event partners.


Through the app the whole “Il Tempo delle Donne” community had a complete event experience, updated in real time, with the ability to acquire information on content, speakers and the status of individual sessions directly on their smartphone. Users were able to access exclusive content and news, as well as participate in opinion polls concerning topics of discussion launched at the event.

The ability to share content on Facebook and Twitter has boosted the value of the event in terms of boosting the visibility of the vertical community of participants in Il Tempo delle Donne.


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