SSC Napoli - New app, New website and a new fan experience

A project of real sport digital transformation with a goal: making SSC Napoli fans the center of the club brand's path to internationalization through the creation of a digital ecosystem based on SportXP and Fanize features.


SSC Napoli is one of the most important and recognizable football clubs in the world.

Since its foundation, in 1926, Napoli and its fans have experienced alternating moments of enthusiasm, such as Maradona’s times and the ascent to higher categories and the return in European competitions.

Nowadays the napolitan club is the italian team that has participated in a European competition for the most years in a row and has established itself as one of the most solid clubs both at the sporting and business level.


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SSC Napoli - Nuova APP - Sito WEB - IQUII


SSC Napoli has chosen IQUII to keep on its path of digital transformation and make give to its more than 10 million fans worldwide an ecosystem that aggregates and engages Azzurri fans around the world by exclusive fan experiences and fan engagement activities aimed to increase the loyalty of one of the most passionate fan bases in the entire global soccer landscape.

SSC Napoli - Nuova APP - Sito WEB - IQUII


During the first phase of the collaboration, IQUII started from the analysis of the existing SSC Napoli website and app in order to carry out a complete redesign that would offer users a more intuitive user experience, taking into account the preferences of each fan with a view to create unique and personalized experiences.

After the UX and UI restyling, the new SSC Napoli Official App actively informs and engages fans, gives partners new ways to gain visibility, enabling new opportunities for fan engagement and monetization through membership and data enrichment activities.

SSC Napoli - Nuova APP - Sito WEB - IQUII


Underlying SSC Napoli’s project is the possibility for users to live their Azzurri passion according to mechanics that make active participation an enabler of exclusive experiences through the use of the sport platform SportXP.

Following log-in, fans can access several activities aimed to make fan experience more engaging and participative by:

  • using the Fan Cam to customize and share shots showing their passion
  • participating in surveys and polls to test their knowledge about the club and share their thoughts on team and club issues
  • quizzes to show off passion and loyalty to the team and its history

Fans are involved in the club’s activities before, during, and after events, in a series of profiling activities that return valuable data and information to the club in order to offer its fans a personalized and continuously updated experience.


Following the restyling of the official website and the launch of the new official app, SSC Napoli and IQUII will continue their journey together by launching the club’s new membership program that will strengthen the fans’passion.

SSC Napoli - Nuova APP - Sito WEB - IQUII


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