Televid.io: the return of Televideo in the era of the online webinars

// competence, agile work and team spirit to develop and launch in just 24 hours a solution which collects and organizes online courses and discussions


“Save the date”, “free webinar”, “join the online course”. An increasing number of invitations chokes user’s mailbox and social feed. Equally are the digital events that don’t reach people interested in because of the multitude of generated contents which are available online.

Today web and social media users find difficult to choose the right webinar to watch. “Where can I find it?” is the main problem that everybody faces.


Learning by doing
#Mobile #UX/UIDesign


We have designed and launched in just 24 hours  Televid.io, the web platform which collects and organizes the best webinars available online in a single place. We decided to do it to respond to a simple need that has become more and more urgent after the COVID-19 emergency which has obliged us to the lockdown and smart working.

A simple user experience, inspired by the teletext, the tool which has defined the concept of index of browsing through a significant amount of channels.

Inside Televid.io the user easily finds all the best webinars available on the Italian market which are divided by category and sorted by date. He gets access to information he needs to stay update on the latest events.

Thanks to Televid.io also the webinar organizers will have a digital space where they can promote their events. The platform provides the option to notify easily contents becoming a powerful tool to reach a larger audience.



This project is born during a night fast-prototyping and delivery session of the IQUII team, which is composed by designers, developers and strategists. A single goal: finding a simple solution to solve a problem. And make it fast.


An agile and smart approach drives us to design, develop and improve the features of Televid.io. We have focused on the goal and on the validation of the idea. This is the process we have adopted: definition of the scope, flows and features identification and separation, distribution of the work, development and progressive interactions to test it, validation and release of the single completed parts.

In just 24h we have launched a simplified platform, filled with some webinars available online and we have also generated a word-of-mouth through the social channels, messaging systems and alert by the creators of webinars.

If it is true that after the Covid19 we will experience a new normal and we will come back to basic habits, well, we have done it bringing back to life Televideo.



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