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Terranova is a company of the group Teddy s.p.a. which boasts over 50 years of experience in franchising: 571 stores in 34 countries around the world, accounting for over 69 million of clothing a year.

The Terranova app came about because of the desire to give customers a new touchpoint to live a new shopping experience through the mCommerce and the WE Terranova fidelity program.
From Loyalty Program's in-app registration to the redemption of the points earned in each store, directly on their smartphone.


Through a direct discussion with all the stakeholders involved in the project it was possible to define streams, protocols and functional technologies specifications for an iOS and Android mobile app that can amplify brand experience for users.

The approach was based on the creation of a System Integration strategy to respond to the client’s needs and objectives. Subsequently, we realized a customer journey analysis and a UX study to identify target users, functionalities and style of interface elements. A work plan based on incremental releases allowed us to involve all the stakeholders at every stage of the project.


Once the process was defined and existing technologies and services evaluated with the IT department, we outlined goals, responsibilities and work plan of each development team.

There were then defined and shared the system requirements and a functional analysis document with all stakeholders. Through the help of a WBS (work breakdown structure), it was possible to implement an analytical breakdown of the project to organize a detailed work plan.

The application of rolling wave planning (a progressive check on the teams activities) has made it possible to flexibly redefine the WBS and to set the workflow, the team performances but above all to anticipate needs, criticality and communications to client and suppliers. Progressive releases of the app have also made possible the constant involvement of the client, who was an active part of the decision-making process at every stage of development.

In parallel to the mobile iOS and Android app development, we also developed a Middleware that enabled a total System Integration between eCommerce, CRM and Fidelity services.
As a result we have optimized the information flow and provided a single point of communication with the app. This allowed us to improve and expand the in-app content management and the information management between the enterprise systems, without any change in client’s customized processes and work methods.

The user-centered approach adopted for the user experience design has moved from the initial definition of the personas, outlined on the basis of information gathered on customers, their buying habits and their customer journey.
We've created profiles and usage scenarios that have enabled us to define the app features fitting most with the expected user's experience. Then we created a wireframe to define the usage flow of the app and its features. Finally, once we defined the user experience cycle, we designed the whole user interface and the graphic concept.
The concept has been realized closely with the client, who provided us feedbacks, useful for the product design consolidation and evolution accordingly with the brand identity of Terranova.

Finally, we implemented tracking and monitoring services for app and middleware, with a real-time notifications service that allows us to manage and quickly resolve any issue.


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