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We Love Cinema is the BNL project dedicated to those who do, follow, and love cinema, which aims to create the first community of film enthusiasts and insiders.

The evolution of the interpersonal dynamics triggered by social media and mobile technology makes the crucial role of the vertical community increasingly clear, characterized by groups of active users in the production of content and the sharing of specific interests and passions.

From this point of view the aim of BNL was to completely innovate the viewing experience of cinema culture for all fans and insiders through the integrated We Love Cinema platform (website, apps, and social media). With an integrated digital awareness project, we preside over the communities of film fans, and we encourage their direct involvement and the production of content related to the world of cinema (corporate business activities that the bank has overseen since 1935, with funding from the cinema industry).

The telling of the history of cinema through a website and a mobile application (and relaunch through social media) was conceived as a process that aims for the direct involvement of the community of cinema lovers, continuing a tradition that for 80 years has tied BNL to what the critic Ricciotto Canudo defined as the "seventh art."


The initial phase of the project focused on an analysis of users, profiling them by type of interest, main services used and the contributions that they could offer in terms of content and participation. Eurisko data shows that:

- Almost 50% of cinema goers are aged between 25 and 44;
- Film fans typically go to the cinema 6 times a year;
- There is a core target (about 2 million people) that goes to the movies on average 20 times a year, and is worth 40% of the entire market in terms of tickets.

To this type of analysis was added a study by the app store, analyzing in particular the ecosystem of mobile applications dedicated to cinema, from which it emerged that:
- the search term "cinema" creates 2111 results for iPhone apps;
- traffic for the search term " cinema " is medium-high;
- most applications have not conducted a correct ASO and many apps are not even updated frequently.

The acquisition of this data and the analysis of the experiences gained from film fans have allowed us to innovate the viewing experience of cinema culture, providing them with a personalized service in which to fully enjoy their passion.


The previous website was characterized by a content structure that favored consultation, with a low possibility of specific interaction by users. We aimed for a complete overhaul of the site, turning it into a touchpoint that can directly connect the BNL brand with cinema fans.

The CMS has been updated to allow the publication of content by exploiting the full functionality of WordPress, and has been integrated with an API system developed to ensure enjoyment even on Android and iOS mobile applications. The apps have been designed with a focus on three main drivers:

1. Design and implementation of content and information from the world of cinema, in order to ensure maximum usability by both web and mobile platforms;
2. Design of the User Interface and User Experience, to ensure an engaging and rewarding user experience;
3. Constant analysis of the performance of the website and the iOS and Android apps, to ensure scalability and maximum user involvement.

In the mobile application a push notification system was also implemented in order to activate the direct involvement of users on specific occasions.


The We Love Cinema project has today developed into a new fully responsive website and a mobile application that allows all users to be protagonists in an innovative and engaging experience, able to enhance their passion for cinema.

The mobile application and website allow the user, at any time and from any place, to acquire all the latest information and news from the world of film: from reviews written by respected names to insights about film jobs, and including BNL's commitment to the funding of more than 5,000 films, many of which are part of cinema history.

In addition, the "Cinema Locator" feature allows you to find cinemas near you, view the weekly listings, contact them and set your navigator in order to get there. While the Media Gallery and the area dedicated to international Festivals allow you to experience the excitement of the world's most famous red carpets.

The correct settings for App Store Optimization, which have become essential in the launch strategy and continuous updating of a new application, immediately brought about concrete results.

Just one week from the application launch it was selected by Apple as one of the "Best New Apps" and was highlighted in the App Store, visible from both desktop and mobile.

With this project we have consolidated our expertise in developing mobile apps for vertical communities, fundamental today for those who want to activate aggregation dynamics of active users in content production and the sharing of specific interests and passions.


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