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Our collaboration with Délifrance Italia, a company producing frozen bakery products that has been operating since 2004 on the national territory, was born in the first half of 2017 with the aim of defining a social media strategy for the brand, starting from the choice of the social media channels up to the creative, editorial definition and tone of voice.

The work carried out in these months for the customer has allowed the brand to acquire a solid social presence, also through strategies of lead acquisition, paid advertising and customer loyalty.

Délifrance Italia has therefore chosen to entrust us with the design and development of a new digital touchpoint of the brand, the website for À la Folie, increasing the value of the collaboration and consolidating the relationship of trust created in recent months.

À la Folie is the project born with the aim of combining pastry and art to interpret women and femininity, expressing twenty different traits of his personality between taste and abstract art thanks to the involvement of two great artists, the pastry chef Alessandro Servida and the Serbian artist Mihailo Karanovic.

The work led to the design, planning and development of the website that made possible for the customer:

  • Give life to a dedicated touchpoint through which to describe À la Folie, its objectives and its artistic expressions;
  • Activate a dedicated channel to allow pastry chefs and operators in the four provinces of Milan, Monza, Lodi and Turin to participate in the contest linked to the project;
  • Promote brand products through a new conception of pastry as an artistic creation;
  • Promote the new Temporary Store open in the center of Milan in the period from September 14th until November 30th, where you can discover the artistic creations of pastry chef Alessandro Servida and the works of the artist Mihailo Karanovic.

The creation of the site has combined the need for the client to have a strategic support for the communication of the project, through the creation of an ad hoc social media strategy for the launch of À la Folie on the social channels’ Délifrance Italia.


In a first phase we focused on the study of best practices in Italy and internationally. We have therefore designed for the client a responsive website that combines a refined design, able to express the union between art and pastry, and at the same time a simple and immediate information structure.

The information architecture and the structure of the various sections have been designed to offer:

  • to users an intuitive navigation and an experience of fruition of the contents that expresses the union between taste and abstract art through a minimal design, with high visual impact;
  • to the participants in the competition a simple and functional platform, through which to discover the rules, the themes and the prizes to be won, register and upload their own recipe;
  • to the client a site able to convey the project and express its values, Délifrance Italia products and the contest, through which to communicate effectively the initiative, events and products and at the same time monitor and manage the various stages of the competition, registrations and creations of the participants.

Our strategic and technical support has accompanied all the phases of the project, up to the final phase linked to the conclusion of the contest and the relative votes of the finalists.

This last phase enriched the À la Folie website with the implementation of the voting management system linked to the final award ceremony of the contest, started on the 16th of January 2018.


The study of customer needs, the identity of À la Folie and the values ​​that Délifrance Italia wants to express through the project has allowed us to work on a website focused on user experience and ergonomics, which enhances the values ​​of the brand and the originality of the project.

We accompanied the customer in the realization of a new experience, through a job of positioning the brand aimed at both a B2B target and the final consumers, highlighting the range of pastry products and in particular the basics for À la Folie tartelette.

The website was designed and developed to make the user experience dynamic on the basis of Micro-Interaction Design, thanks to which we were able to design an engaging interface with a user-centered approach.

The choice of a simple and clean design, in line with the style of the brand and with the protagonist À la Folie, an "androgyne" She both in appearance and in character, has allowed to give a striking impact to the project, keeping a navigation clear and immediate.

Presenting in a single site both the world of art and pastry keeping the brand's identity firm and giving prominence to its personality, through the use of ingredients, materials and colors, between contrasts and balances, is what we have enclosed in À la Folie: the bond between pastry and art.

À la Folie has been organized according to the following sections:

  • NEWS

The section dedicated to news is designed to convey contents and information on the project, from scheduled events (which see the involvement of important guests such as Sonia Peronaci, Alice Agnelli and Marisa Passera) to the soul of À la Folie related to femininity and figure of the woman.


The Creations section expresses the heart of the À la Folie artistic project, telling the woman through 20 recipes and 20 paintings created by the two artists Servida and Karanovic through the use of ingredients, materials and colors in a game of contrasts and balances.

Exclusivity, selfishness, essence, passion, determination, security, hidden femininity, strength, balance and awareness are some of the female characters that inspired the design of the area dedicated to Creations.


The section dedicated to the Contest has been designed to provide users with information - from the Regulations, to the Awards to the Deepening on the themes to be inspired - in a clear, immediate and strongly visual way.

From the registration to the sending of the recipe, the navigation within the website is designed to optimize the sequentiality of the steps that the participants must complete to participate in the contest.

Inside the Contest page there is also the gallery section through which users can explore the creations of the participants for the months of September, October, November and December. Starting from mid-January, the gallery is enriched with a new section dedicated to the 12 finalists of the contest, selected by a jury of experts, whose recipes can be voted by all the participants.

The management of the voting system was designed to allow the customer to monitor in real time the votes and scores received from the finalist recipes. The system was also implemented in such a way as to offer members the exclusive possibility of becoming "judges" of the first-person contest, assigning a vote of 1 to 10 for each finalist recipe.


Linked to the Contest section is also the Reserved Area for participants, which can be accessed after registration. In the area they can therefore:

    • Load the recipe of the month, for each of the four months of the contest;

    • See the summary of your recipes, being approved and published;

    • View the registration information for the contest in the Profile section;

    • Vote the recipes

      of the finalists of the À la Folie contest and help decree the winners.


À la Folie website was therefore the key touchpoint around which the project and the contest created by Délifrance Italia were developed. In fact, through the web channel it was possible:

  • to convey news and updates on the contest, events and the temporary store;
  • highlight the Délifrance Italia references and the creations made for À la Folie by the pastry chef Servida;
  • to bring together the sector operators of the reference market of the brand on the site and to involve them in active participation in a competition of more than four months.

Through the À la Folie web project, Délifrance Italia was able to count on:

  • the creation of a responsive website that offers its users an intuitive and effective design and user experience;
  • a communication and positioning strategy able to integrate the customer's digital and physical touchpoints, amplifying the storytelling and the awareness of the project and of the brand;
  • a further point of contact with potential leads and professionals in the pastry sector.

The entire project has allowed the achievement of important results also for the competition, with over 300 participants from the four Italian provinces involved and over 400 recipes created and loaded by pastry Chefs on the site.


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