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Original Marines has chosen to expand its offering by creating the new line Newborn, a special collection that includes a lot of early childhood articles and perfect products for the first exiting.

The idea of the NewBorn Carillon, an app dedicated to newborns and to the relationship between parents and children, is born from the strengthen collaboration with the customer who has been leading the MyOriginal project over the past two years, focusing on creating and integrating digital brand services (app, loyalty program, eCommerce, CRM and legacy systems) into a multichannel experience.

The NewBorn app is part of the Original Marines strategy to structure a touchpoint ecosystem that can offer more vertical and personalized content to its customers in order to:

  • Increase contact points of the customer journey: not only during shopping (from the discovery to the buying phase), but also at important moments in the parent-child relationship (such as the lullaby);
  • Improve the knowledge of its users: to offer products and services increasingly in line with their specific needs;
  • Acquire new customers through multiple vertical, connected and integrated channels.


The development of more and more vertical applications and the increasing predisposition of users to the use of digital products and services is transforming the approach by which companies and brands define their touchpoints.

In the broader multi-channel project we are pursuing with Original Marines, the shared approach is geared towards creating an ecosystem of applications with the aim of increasing the range of digital brand services that are at the same time defined on the specific reference target (from merchant users) and on vertical experiences and needs (loyalty, mCommerce, retail outlets, leisure).

This kind of approach makes it possible to develop new services independently, enhancing the relationship with the user without affecting the core model of the brand and without any temporal or functional constraints stemming from other ecosystem applications.

Creating an Enterprise App Ecosystem will therefore positively impact on:

  • the life cycle of the product;
  • user experience for users;
  • the behaviours and engagement activation dynamics;
  • the strategy of positioning different applications;
  • the analysis of behaviours, data and information more comprehensively.


The app, available for iOS and Android, has been developed with the aim of being simple, straightforward and useful for every new parent.

We chose to create an intuitive and user-friendly digital carillon for moms and dads who want to have their children fall asleep with a nice nun, choosing between:

  • Little girls or little boys: to customize the app for your baby;
  • Day & Night: whether it be afternoon sun or afternoon, you can customize your smartphone screen to the outside light;
  • One time o Loop: to choose whether to let the carillon ring once or until the time the children are asleep.

With the NewBorn app, the moment of the lullaby becomes one of the most beautiful and sweet in the relationship between parent and child. A gesture of daily intimacy that relaxes, calms and sleeps children with a melody full of love and warmth.


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